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Instruction detail about betting in Japan market (Part 1)

Japan is a potential betting market at Asia. At there, many bookmakers have set up headquarters to. do business at Asian area. 

In 1998, the SPV (Sport promotion voting) was released to legalize betting in football for the J-league at Japan. The ministry of MEXT is responsible for all matters about gambling. Since this event, some other form of gambling like pachinko, lotteries or online sport betting are accepted legally and public. However, in general, set of laws about gambling at there is complicated and strict which lead to risk about breaking rules if you make some mistakes. 

Therefore, before betting in Japan, you should follow all regulations and laws about gambling. It’s the best way to become a legal bettor at there.

Firstly, we discuss some official sports accepted legally

1, J-League Soccer Pools

J-League is the Japanese professional soccer at there. It is also well-known as “Toto” when gambling. When referred to Toto, any Japanese bettor understands that it’s betting in soccer.

There are some booths authorized by MEXT to sell tickets. Bettors will go there to purchase it. About odd rates, it will be updated by sports dailies. Then bettors collect reasonable odds and place on it. Even, someone has not understood about rules of soccer, they can still place on bets because the mission is only picking up tickets. It seems simple.

2, Horse Racing

Horse races are famous in the world for betting. At Japan, this sport is also focused on betting through more than 21,000 races annually established. There are three popular kinds of races like jump race, flat race and draft race.

Almost horse races as well betting in horse race are under management of JRA (Japan racing association). The rest will be under supervision of NAR (National association racing). The purpose is to organize all races and betting with high quality and efficiency.