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Instruction detail about betting in Japan market (Part 3)

Now, we continue to share some kinds of betting at the Japan market. 

If you tend to place on this betting market, our article is useful to recommend and analyze basic features at there.

We will discuss Motorcycle racing

Motorcycle race is well-known in the world as a strong sport of Japan to compete other international athletes.

One of the most famous races is Oto Resu which is focused for gambling. So, it attacks many bettors from the world to join it through online betting site system.

The first race in Oto Resu competition was established in 1950s. However, until 1967, this race was officially recognized and managedby the Government. They also directly released the rules of sport and gambling to make legal for it in the betting market. Through this event, the Japanese government determined to treat Motorcycle racing as an industry to earn money and develop economy.

Until now, Oto Resu has been done business well due to management and controlling by the Government.

According to the detail rule of Oto Resu. Before 5 days of the race, all drivers will be stay in dormitories controlled by the Organization. In this time, they are not allowed to communicate each other and anyone from the outside. This strict rule is guarantee about integrity of sport. So, almost the winners of race are difficult to predict. It increases legality and the right for final result.

During the race, drivers will race on tarmac tracks. Per race has eight riders onsix laps. They will slide during rounding all corners. This feasture is special because almost racers require to lean around the corners.

About vehicles, they will use two-speed gearbox with 599cc but without any brakes. In particular, it is designed left handlebar is higher than the right.