Instruction detail about betting in Japan market (Part 2)

Here we continue to share detail about betting in Japan.

If you want to exploit this market, you should reference information about top the most favorite betting sports, how to place, odd rates, promotions as well tendency to start this game. It’s better to keep your betting longer and more successfully.

From the former article, we are introducing some famous sports you should focus on betting at the Japan market like: J-League Soccer Pools, Horse Racing. Now, we continue to introduce other sports loved to place on bets at there.

3, Bicycle racing

Maybe someone feel strange when bicycle racing also becomes a hot betting sport. The fact that, this sport has a long history at Japan, even before horse racing.

Someone considers that it has started since the Second world war where cyclists used motorcycle to compete in some laps. Anyone had the fastest pace, they would win the game.

In 2000, bicycle was applied to the Olympics at Sydney Australia, so it improved growth of this game.

In Japan, bicycle racing usually lasts 1.5 km and offered the sprinting to finish line. It means all riders determine their starting position by picking up random lot. Then, they will stay behind the pacer within 3 laps until the end of rider starts. Who go the finish line soonest, he is a winner.

Depending on characters of per racing, bettors can choose type of methods like: exacta, quinella, trifecta, trio or quinella place. Detail as below:

Exacta: You need to pick up first two riders by the exact order.

Quinella: You need to pick up first two riders but no order.

Trifecta: You need to pick up first three riders by the exact order

Trio: You need to pick up first three riders but no order.

Quinella place: You need to pick up two of first three riders but no order.