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Instruction detail about betting in Japan market (Part 3)

Now, we continue to share some kinds of betting at the Japan market. 

If you tend to place on this betting market, our article is useful to recommend and analyze basic features at there.

We will discuss Motorcycle racing

Motorcycle race is well-known in the world as a strong sport of Japan to compete other international athletes.

One of the most famous races is Oto Resu which is focused for gambling. So, it attacks many bettors from the world to join it through online betting site system.

The first race in Oto Resu competition was established in 1950s. However, until 1967, this race was officially recognized and managedby the Government. They also directly released the rules of sport and gambling to make legal for it in the betting market. Through this event, the Japanese government determined to treat Motorcycle racing as an industry to earn money and develop economy.

Until now, Oto Resu has been done business well due to management and controlling by the Government.

According to the detail rule of Oto Resu. Before 5 days of the race, all drivers will be stay in dormitories controlled by the Organization. In this time, they are not allowed to communicate each other and anyone from the outside. This strict rule is guarantee about integrity of sport. So, almost the winners of race are difficult to predict. It increases legality and the right for final result.

During the race, drivers will race on tarmac tracks. Per race has eight riders onsix laps. They will slide during rounding all corners. This feasture is special because almost racers require to lean around the corners.

About vehicles, they will use two-speed gearbox with 599cc but without any brakes. In particular, it is designed left handlebar is higher than the right.

Instruction detail about betting in Japan market (Part 2)

Here we continue to share detail about betting in Japan.

If you want to exploit this market, you should reference information about top the most favorite betting sports, how to place, odd rates, promotions as well tendency to start this game. It’s better to keep your betting longer and more successfully.

From the former article, we are introducing some famous sports you should focus on betting at the Japan market like: J-League Soccer Pools, Horse Racing. Now, we continue to introduce other sports loved to place on bets at there.

3, Bicycle racing

Maybe someone feel strange when bicycle racing also becomes a hot betting sport. The fact that, this sport has a long history at Japan, even before horse racing.

Someone considers that it has started since the Second world war where cyclists used motorcycle to compete in some laps. Anyone had the fastest pace, they would win the game.

In 2000, bicycle was applied to the Olympics at Sydney Australia, so it improved growth of this game.

In Japan, bicycle racing usually lasts 1.5 km and offered the sprinting to finish line. It means all riders determine their starting position by picking up random lot. Then, they will stay behind the pacer within 3 laps until the end of rider starts. Who go the finish line soonest, he is a winner.

Depending on characters of per racing, bettors can choose type of methods like: exacta, quinella, trifecta, trio or quinella place. Detail as below:

Exacta: You need to pick up first two riders by the exact order.

Quinella: You need to pick up first two riders but no order.

Trifecta: You need to pick up first three riders by the exact order

Trio: You need to pick up first three riders but no order.

Quinella place: You need to pick up two of first three riders but no order.

Instruction detail about betting in Japan market (Part 1)

Japan is a potential betting market at Asia. At there, many bookmakers have set up headquarters to. do business at Asian area. 

In 1998, the SPV (Sport promotion voting) was released to legalize betting in football for the J-league at Japan. The ministry of MEXT is responsible for all matters about gambling. Since this event, some other form of gambling like pachinko, lotteries or online sport betting are accepted legally and public. However, in general, set of laws about gambling at there is complicated and strict which lead to risk about breaking rules if you make some mistakes. 

Therefore, before betting in Japan, you should follow all regulations and laws about gambling. It’s the best way to become a legal bettor at there.

Firstly, we discuss some official sports accepted legally

1, J-League Soccer Pools

J-League is the Japanese professional soccer at there. It is also well-known as “Toto” when gambling. When referred to Toto, any Japanese bettor understands that it’s betting in soccer.

There are some booths authorized by MEXT to sell tickets. Bettors will go there to purchase it. About odd rates, it will be updated by sports dailies. Then bettors collect reasonable odds and place on it. Even, someone has not understood about rules of soccer, they can still place on bets because the mission is only picking up tickets. It seems simple.

2, Horse Racing

Horse races are famous in the world for betting. At Japan, this sport is also focused on betting through more than 21,000 races annually established. There are three popular kinds of races like jump race, flat race and draft race.

Almost horse races as well betting in horse race are under management of JRA (Japan racing association). The rest will be under supervision of NAR (National association racing). The purpose is to organize all races and betting with high quality and efficiency.

Top sports betting sites in Japan (Part 3- finals)

According to analysis from former articles, sports betting in Japan is popular and allowed for some methods. Any bettor can place on fixed odds to increase profits as well prizes for a winning day.

It’s legal to place on some handful sports, from domestic events to international events, including NFL, NBA, NHL in the USA, boxing, wrestling, MMA or traditional betting sports like football, basketball, rugby, horse races so on.

In general, betting online about sports are concerned and developed well in Japan.

Now, we will continue to check list some sport betting sites at Japan for your reference. If you are concerning about sport betting in this nation, you should follow several useful hints and tips from analysis about online betting sites.

4, Pinnacle sportsbook betting site

Pinnacle was created in 1998, then it had a speed up to become a fierce competitor of any betting sites at Japan.

With high reputation and good service, this site usually offers great odds as well a wide source of sport events for players. 

They are highly appreciated when offering the best online odds compared any betting site. So, some bettors loving profit are attacked by Pinnacle strongly.

At Pinnacle, you can see a wide range of sport event in Japan as well America, European. They use livestream to transact online deals. Their system has good service to meet all demands and characters of bettors from all over the world. Besides livestream, you can choose money-lines, live betting….to make wagers.

 Particularly, Pinnacle becomes strongest in offering eSports. They are the only bookmaker to care all events in eSports with a high quality. This sport is modern, therefore it’s welcome by more and more players to join this betting site. The fact, it’s an outstanding feature when betting in Pinnacle.

Top online sports betting sites in Japan

In this article, we continue to share some reliable online sports betting sites in Japan market. If you are interested in placing on bets at some Asian market, Japan is a potential betting site for your reference.

3/ Spin betting site

As history, Spin Palace casino has started since 2001 but it has not been approved and invested professionally. Until 2007, the founder launched the Spin Palace Sports as strategy to develop it a gambling industry.

Once it has been introduced, it becomes a strong competitor for any big online site in the gambling market. Above kind of betting, they focus on live betting as the key.

The fact that, mode of live betting should be highly recommended to get experience at the Spin. They focus on emotion of watchers when they are more interested in betting whereas the game is going on. Therefore, they build up inPLAY feature as well use SBTech software to meet enough services with satisfactory. This mode allows you to place a wager continuously until the final moments.

4/ Pinnacle sports betting site

Pinnacle sports betting site was established in 1998. With high reputation and great odds, it is considered as a fierce competitor for any bookmakers in Japan gambling market. Especially, some pro bettors prefer extremely high odd, this site is one of the most deserved option not ignoring.

They offer a wide range of betting source, including Western and Asian sport, for example MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL, MMA to hot sports like football, badminton, cricket, tennis so on.

Besides, it also has available betting types like prop bets, spreads, futures, money line and especially live bets.

Although Pinnacle doesn’t provide loyalty policies, they have other special promotions to attack and make unique style compared other bookmakers like policies in bankroll, reasonable price. Especially the deposit bonus.

Top online sports betting sites in Japan

In general, sports betting in Japan is limited and more strict than other nations in the world. According to the publicized rules, bettors only are allowed to place on bets on some sports as well only selected some formats. So, some bettors feel uncomfortable to join betting sites at Japan when they are limited within options.

If you still intend to place on bets in Japan, you should learn detail about the legal rule of sport betting in Japan, as well types of sports, the odd rate, payout at there.

Following our article about top the best online sports betting sites in Japan to understand more about the legal rules about betting. It’s necessary if you want to place on bets in a long time officially and legally.

1/ Betway

Beway was founded in 2005 which becomes one of the biggest sportsbooks in the betting market at Japan as well other markets like Europe, The USA.

They offer hundreds of games and almost every sports event like MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL. 

In general, Betway owns over 30,000 games and live action sports to serve bettors. So, no one comes to Betway without claim or dissatisfactory.

Betway also offers a wide range of promotions and bonus to attract more bettors at Japan who focus almost on profit. Such as they have Betway Plus to spend exclusive royal bettors. They can exchange to other bonuses or prizes. They also use available bonuses to make more popularity and availability for sports.

2/ Intertops

Intertops is one of the oldest online sportsbooks to offer almost sports events all over the world to Japanese market like baseball, hockey, football, tennis, soccer and esports.

They also provide great odds, a fantastic interface as well promotions and bonuses to major sports events.

If someone like the American sports like NFL, NHL, they will be interested in betting at Intertops.

Top popular sports in Japan

Sports become a profitable industry in Japan. The Government encourage people to play sport day by day as a good way to increase health and appearance. Furthermore, Japan also focus to build up professional sports. They own many talent athletes to get trophies or championships in the international competition.

In general, sport is one of aspect to discover the life and culture in Japan. In this article, we continue to find top the most popular sports in this country. Following it if you also like or want to experience about Japan.

6/ Sumo

Sumo has origin from the Antiquity period. It is also considered as a national sport. From history, the professional sumo competitions started in 1684 at Tokyo, then developed to other nations in Asia where Japan dominated. Therefore, sumo was spread out wide.

There are some special rules in Sumo which makes different and strange compared wrestling or boxing. For example, to become victory, you will force your opponent to go out the ring or touch his body with the ground. Besides it, it has some factors related to wrestler’s belt, comes off or mawashi.

Annually there are many sumo tournaments with other scales held throughout the country. The will fight to find two higher-ranked athletes in the ring. They are called yokozuna or ozeki.

Yokozuna is the most prestigious rank which is held to serve international wrestlers all over the world since 2000.

7/ Baseball

Baseball is also a national sport in Japan although Japan has no official sport recognized as a national sport by the international sport federation.

In Japanese language, baseball is called as yakyu, or puro. Since students in high school, baseball becomes a compulsory subject with the highest competition like the National High School Baseball Championships which is held annually in the summer.

The first baseball tournament was held in 1936 with joining of some clubs like

While baseball was introduced to the country in 1872, it took 64 years before a full professional the Tokyo Kyojin (now the Yomiuri Giants) or the Osaka Tigers (now the Hanshin Tigers). Since this event, every year, Japan is held at least a professional tournament about baseball.

Top popular sports in Japan

In this article, we continue to share several favorite sports in Japan which is one of the most developed nations in Asia.

Following our ranking, you can see culture of Japan through sporty aspect. The truth that Japan own many talented athletes in many fields all the time. So, the local usually practice sport when they are still young then getting good achievements in the international competitions.

3/ Tennis

Tennis is always a pride of the Japanese. The first medal in Olympic 1920 was from Ichiya Kumagai who came from Japan. Or there are many stories about culture and tennis.

In 1957, the Emperor Akihito met Michiko in the first time in a tennis court at a resort of Karuizawa then Michiko became Empress of this Emperor.

Or there is a famous series called the Prince of tennis which is sold over 50 million books all over the world.

The Japanese play tennis in daily life, almost popular in the Middle. Someone business man chooses tennis court to exchange and transact sale contracts with partners.

4/ Soccer

Soccer is the world’s king of sport, so it’s popular in Japan. The truth that Japan is the strongest team in Asia. They usually have a ticket to join World Cup which is the biggest football event in the world.

They also own some talented footballers who usually are transferred to European to join the Premier League or Euro Cup.

To develop football higher, they establish Japan soccer course as well national leagues. The Government also encourage student to play soccer to improve health better.

5/ Baseball

Baseball is considered as the most popular sport in Japan. It has a long pro history with many achievements, records and prizes.

Normally, the older will prefer to play baseball because its benefits are good for them.

Top popular sports in Japan

Japan is an Asian nation where playing sports is encouraged for all walk of life. The Government understand huge benefits of sports with health and mental, so they try to develop sport under other methods to make more opportunities to access to watch and enjoy sports in daily life.

In this article, we discuss top popular sports in Japan. In general, they have a long history as well are strength of Japan in all international competitions. The Japanese are confident when they refer to following sports.

1/ Boxing

Although Japan is not home of boxing, it still is close with the Japanese from many years ago.

Yujiro Watanabe was considered the father of Japanese boxing when he was trained about professional boxing in California then came back Japan and establish the first boxing club- Nippon Kento in 1921. He joined to found the national boxing federation. This association is responsible to organize, train as well develop boxing strongly.

2/ Golf

Someone thinks that golf only is remained by the Western people. The fact that Japan is one of the least Asia countries play golf as a popular sport.

The reason is the Government have educated people as the Western style, so playing golf also become popular.

Before the World War II, golf was only played by the high class as a luxurious sport for the rich. After this period, some middle class also began to join it then created a new wave for all walk of life.

To develop it further, the Government opened golf courses and millions of golf matches at other areas. Until now, golf is both an entertainment sport and a method for business, even international business because Japan usually register to become host for some international golf competitions, especially for countries in Asia.

Volleyball Canada is the first team to miss the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Concerned about the issue of the COVID-19 influenza pandemic, the Canadian sports delegation announced that it would not send any athletes of this country to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, and thus Canadian volleyball will be absent.

It can be said that Canadian volleyball is one of the candidates for any major tournament in the world. Over the years, Canadian volleyball has owned some of the top players in the world.

By the 2020 Tokyo Olympic men’s volleyball team in Canada won the ticket to the Summer Olympics with 11 other strong teams.

With their strength and desire to win the title at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Canadian players are determined to write history by changing their positions here. The best performance of the male Canadian volleyball players is the 4th Summer Olympics in 1984.

During this time, the players and the coaching staff have made good changes in tactics as well as people to match the fast, strong play style.

The outbreak of COVID-19 flu worldwide and especially in the complex direction in Japan – the host country of the Summer Olympics this year made the Canadian sports team nervous. Recently, in its decision, the Canadian sports delegation announced that it would not send any athletes of this country to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

This is not happy news for the organizers, but it also reflects the dangers of the disease if left unchecked.

As such, the male volleyball of Canada will also be the first team to be absent at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. To make this difficult decision, the top leaders of Canadian sports have carefully considered and made a hard decision. snake to ensure the safety of their own athletes.

Concerned about the flu COVID-19, it is likely that the Tokyo 2020 Olympics are also facing difficult decisions in the near future.