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VACATION: I am away on vacation, so, I have added $1,100.00 to each price while I am on vacation, to avoid anyone making a purchase while I am unable to deliver any purchases. I apologize for the inconvenience. I will adjust the prices back to normal when I return.

While I am away, please send any questions to my gmail, gatewaytojapan. I will reply to all questions when I return from vacation.

Thanks always!

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Welcome to "Gateway to Japan!" Japanese Playstation card codes and Japanese iTunes store card codes sent by email. I'm happy to try to get any other Japanese code for you! If you don't see the Japanese code you need or if you're looking for any other items from Japan, or if you have any other questions, please send a message to me at gatewaytojapan at g (you know the rest).

////NOTE: As a backup, I now send all codes to myself also by email, to make sure that the email actually does "send." I appreciate your business.////

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If you prefer to use this website for purchases of physically shipped items, after your first purchase, (as all first purchases are delivered by postal mail only to counteract identity theft fraud, as explained above) please email me to let me know before your purchase. Physical shipping is included in the ebay prices only. Physical shipping is not included in the prices on this website, and will cost extra for the shipping and handling fees.